Saturday, February 28, 2009

The One with the Variations

So the last couple of days, I've been tested out different variations of cars I made.
Each car ran fairly well and reached the 5 metre mark.

This is the original car i made, as you can see there are some changes. At the end of the car i cut a section off so i could angle the balloon and cause the car to have a better push.

So, I added a tube to the end of the balloon and I figured that it worked better then just the balloon itself.

So as I did my car trials, I found out that the balloon would fly backwards and then block the airflow. The straws I stuck together and tapped onto the car acts as a hood and it doesn't allow the balloon to fly backwards. I have to say, that it works quite well. I also brought down the size of the back wheels because they didn't really do anything.

This car took a lot of work because I had to put the logo on, and I added a piece of wood to make the car heavier. The wheels took especially long because I had to glue everything straight so that the car would also roll straight. It took a while to glue the wheels onto the axle also because if the wheels weren't straight the car would turn.

This could possible be my final car, I still haven't decided if i want to put the straw hood on.


  1. Nice design, it looks like a fast, futuristic sports car.
    Hopefully its as fast as it looks :)

  2. hey have you done any time trials? and willing to send me some times. i wanna comepare. btw what are the wheels made of?