Thursday, March 12, 2009

The One with the Last Post

So race day as definitely a fun experience. My car ran successfully but unfortunately did not cross the 12 metre mark. Congratulations to Kelly's group and Ludwig's group for passing the 12 metre mark(sorry if i forgot anyone else who beat the 12 metre mark). Their runs were very impressing. I don't know the exact distance my car ran because i don't know how to read a tape measure but i know it past 5 metres for sure.

Trial number one was alright for me. When it was time to release my car it traveled and went past the 3 metre mark, then the 5 metre mark. It didn't go as far as i wanted to but I'm glad it went somewhere.

Trial number two went a little further than the first trial i think. I remember the car not going straight because it ended up on the right ride of the tape measure.

Overall I think i did my best and tried to build the best car i could


  1. Nice job. don't worry about distance i think you got speed as 1st or second depending on where "Foryoutoenvy" came in