Friday, February 20, 2009

The One with a model

I created another design that has originated from one of my first sketches from my first blog.

Body: cut off the edges and curved it so it would cut off some weight and possibly run faster.

I used this type of material that is a layer of Styrofoam between two cardboard papers. It is sturdy yet light

Unfortunately I wasn't smart enough and I didn't realize that the background was also a piece of white paper so the body of the car is sort of camouflaged

Wheels: I created my own type of wheels. It's basically made up of a piece of cardboard and layered off with two pieces of sturdy paper plates. As like the body of the car it is sturdy yet light. To finish the wheel, i started to cover the sides with tape so that the wheel doesn't fall apart.

One major problem I had was that the balloon was touching the wheels, so i added these slanted panels that raised the balloon to a slant.

The Straws underneath the body are guides that the sticks that are connected to the wheels run though them. It allows the axle to spin freely

The car ran about 2 metres and then hit a wall.

Some things i need to adjust are the wheels and the slanted panels. I need to glue the wheels onto the axle exactly at 90degrees in order for the car to run straight. The panels i made are to low so i still need to raise them so the balloon doesn't hit the wall

This may or may not be my final design, I don't know yet

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